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International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada

Business Directory Website International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada

We present to you our Business Directory Website – – of the non-profit organization “International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada”, which will represent an ideal space for advertising our Canadian and Latin women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, in order to expand their businesses within the community.

The website will have advertising banners and over 1,300 low-cost courses to support and prepare women entrepreneurs for starting and running their businesses.

DIRECTORY COST: $250 (ONE-TIME FEE) This includes setting up your company or venture on the page.

The email to send the corresponding value is: on behalf of International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada.

The donor must send the scanned deposit or transfer to the email address along with the advertising they want to appear on the website.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS By being part of the website

You will have several benefits, including:

  • 15% discount on the Business Magazine.
  • 20% discount on participation in the Business and Entrepreneur Expo.
  • 15% discount on participation in Talks, Workshops, Training, Conferences, etc. for business development.
  • Participation in the Women Who Inspire program at no cost.
  • Discounts at stores, spas, etc. that have agreements with IWE Canada.
  • YouTube channel where you can promote with unlimited videos.
  • Promotion on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Advice, promotion and support to maintain or start your business.
  • The opportunity to give talks about your company/business.
  • Access to a MASTERCLASSES Platform with 50% discounts to improve, acquire more knowledge, and increase your earnings.