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Entrepreneur Business Magazine

International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada

Entrepreneur Business Magazine International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada

We present to you a proposal for advertising guidelines in our First Beta Edition of the magazine “International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada,” which will provide an ideal space for advertising Canadian and Latin women entrepreneurs in both print and electronic versions.

Magazine Distribution: The magazine will be published quarterly with 2000 copies, covering current topics, and will be a collectible magazine.

Electronically: More than 10,000 emails will be sent to our national and international contacts.

          • Cover (1) $1000
          • Inside Front Cover (1) $ 700
          • Back Cover (1) $ 800
          • Inside Back Cover (1) $ 650
          • Full Page (1) $ 600
          • Half Page (1) $ 350
          • Quarter Page (1) $ 200
          • Advertorial (two pages) (1) $1200
          • Include CD-ROM or brochure (1) $ 300



This includes Name, Phone, Contact Person, Email, Website, City, and destination.

If you wish to participate in more than 2 annual editions, a 15% discount will be applied.

The email address for payment is, payable to International Women Entrepreneurs of Canada.

The donation will be made through transfer or deposit at the time of signing the agreement for the magazine. The Donation Certificate will be issued with the corresponding edition and/or delivery date of each magazine issue.

The donor must send the scanned deposit or transfer receipt to the email address, along with the advertisement they wish to appear in the magazine.

You can find the magazine presentation, the description of the target audience, and the profile of the publications offering advertising spaces in the attached file.




Advertising Rates in the Magazine Tarifas de Publicidad en la Revista